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SubtitleO: Captioning Made Easy

I’m Suraj Kadam, a person behind SubtitleO who got the idea to build a product that is going to help content creators, marketers, and everyone in the video marketing industry who wants to make their videos more engaging, enhancing, and better by adding captions over their videos. The trend is there in the market right now.

You watch the Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok Videos; you watch them more if there are captions to those videos. Cause they make the videos look more appealing and understanding. It becomes much easier for you to connect with the content in the videos.

I used to add captions to videos by listening to what was being said in the video and putting them there, and aligning them to the timestamps. Later on, Adobe and other software launched the feature to auto-caption them, but the styling part was a bit hectic.

In short, it was kind of a headache to add appealing and stylish captions to the videos. Most importantly, it used to take a lot of time, especially when you had to add various styles to the captions and make them look cool.

That’s the reason I decided to build my own product, which will make it super easy and fast for you to add captions to your videos with various styles and premade templates. That’s why I got the idea of SubtitleO, and we are here in front of you now.


The goal is to make it easy for everyone to add captions in various styles and make your videos look more appealing. That’s how you will get the attention of your audience and get more engagement and overall growth for your business.

The solution is so simple, you have to upload your video, check the transcription for corrections and style of the captions, and you are ready to get your videos.

Moving ahead, we will add various animation styles, kinetic typography, a templates gallery, and many more features that you guys need.

SubtitleO Team

As I said, I am Suraj Kadam. Founder of SubtitleO. I love building blogs and keeping myself around new tech to try out. I am from Navi Mumbai, India.

Now, meet Hassan Aftab. He’s the developer behind SubtitleO. He’s the one who has put effort into making this SubtitleO tool built from scratch.

Here’s the person behind the UI UX of the SubtitleO app, Videsh Kharkar. All the efforts put into designs are done by him.

That’s the team for now. Other things, we are going on our own. We both are managing all the things as of now, and when needed, we are looking for freelancers and asking some of our fellow friends for help.

We are also looking for a Graphic Designer, Writer, and Node JS developer for SubtitleO. If you would like to work with us, you can connect us through [email protected]

If you are still here and haven’t tried our tool, then please give it a try.

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