How to Add Subtitles to Video On Facebook?

Add Subtitles to Video On Facebook

Have you uploaded many videos on your Facebook account and found that it is not getting enough reach as expected?

As per a survey published on the Forbes website, it has been observed that most people like to watch videos without sound. Especially when they are in private places or traveling on public transport.

Adding subtitles to your Facebook videos can then come to the rescue to help the audience understand the context of your videos.

We’ve covered in detail how to add subtitles to your videos on Facebook and also mentioned the best alternative to do your job quickly.

Have a read below!

Steps to Add Subtitles to Video on Facebook

Here is how you can automatically add subtitles to a video on Facebook:

  • Firstly, open your Facebook page where you want to upload the video. Now, drag the video to the “Write Something…” section or click on Share a Photo or Video icon.
  • After the video is uploaded, click on the Video options to see the different editing options.
Video Options on Facebook Video

  • Here, you can find Add Captions. Click on the drop-down.
Add Caption on facebook video

  • You can see an option to Add Auto-generated Captions. Click on it.
Add Auto-Generated Captions on facebook video

  • Based on the audio quality, the captions are auto-generated.
  • Before you publish the video, you need to check each of these subtitles and edit them if required.

Note: If you have .SRT file, you can upload the subtitles by clicking on the Upload button.

Upload Captions on Facebook Video

Alternate Method To Add Subtitles to Facebook Video: SubtitleO

SubtitleO is one of the best AI-powered auto subtitle generators in the market. You don’t need any professional video editing skills to add subtitles to the video using this web-based tool.

Here is how you can add subtitles to your Facebook Video using SubtitleO;

  • Firstly, upload the video to which you want to add subtitles by clicking on the Click Here to Upload link on the SubtitleO dashboard.
Upload Video on SubtitleO
Upload Video on SubtitleO
  • Now, wait for the video to get uploaded.
  • After the video is processed, you can find the subtitles being generated on the left side of the panel. However, the accuracy of these subtitles depends on the quality of the audio present in the video.
  • You can click on each of these subtitles and edit them if required.
Check subtitles in SubtitleO
Check subtitles in SubtitleO
  • On the right side of the video, you can find the Templates option. Click on it to try different subtitle styles for your video.
Templates in SubtitleO
Templates in SubtitleO
  • After selecting the template, click on the Fonts section to change the color, size, and family of the font.
  • Once all the edits are done, you can click on the Apply Subtitles button to render and download the video.


If you want more engagement and reach for your Facebook videos, it is important to add subtitles for them. You can do that by following the process mentioned above.

To add more styles to the subtitles, we recommend you try SubtitleO. There is also a free plan to try its features. Try Today!

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