Why am I Losing Followers on Instagram? (Tips Included)

Losing Followers on Instagram

It feels very disappointing to open your profile and see you losing followers on Instagram.

We work hard to gain followers and make connections, but when we see our Instagram losing followers, it makes us feel low.

To avoid more people unfollowing you and to solidly grow your Instagram account, we’ve covered some tips for you in this article.

Don’t miss any of these tips!

Why Am I Losing Instagram Followers?

There might be many reasons why you are losing Instagram followers. Some common reasons can be:

  • Poor Content Presentation.
  • Not engaging enough with the audience
  • Account being shadow-banned
  • And many more!

Tips to Follow if Instagram Followers Dropped

Here are some working tips you can try if your Instagram followers drop:

Focus on the Ideal Audience

Knowing your ideal audience is very important, no matter whatever social media platform you use. If you are posting random content on your Instagram profile and expect the audience to be retained, then it doesn’t happen that way!

Always ask yourself from the audience’s standpoint, “What’s in it for me?” before posting any content on Instagram.

In short, identify your ideal reader and think how he/she would react/respond to your content. Always asking this question will help you create better posts on Instagram, and it will help you gain followers instead of losing them.

Have Engagements

Many content creators expect the audience to visit their own profile after publishing the content. But it doesn’t happen that way!

For people to recognize your content or start following you (in the initial stages), it is important to take some time out of your day and start interacting with other influencers or your ideal audience’s content.

Make a list of 5-10 hashtags that your audience is likely to search, keep an eye on the recent posts, and start interacting with them.

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Don’t Try Inorganic Ways to Grow your Instagram Channel

Never spend any money on third-party platforms to gain followers on your Instagram channel. Doing so will badly impact your Instagram account in the long run.

Running paid giveaways using paid bots will either shadow-ban your account or the followers you have gained in the past will eventually stop interacting with your content and leave you.

If you have gained followers through inorganic methods in the past, the only way is to remove them by yourself quickly. The faster you remove these inorganic audiences from your list, the better your Instagram account will be.

Do not use any paid bots to remove these audiences from your list. Even that impacts your account.

Post Consistently

If you have not been consistent in posting the content on your Instagram account, then your profile is not trained to show up on your audience’s feed as a priority. To retain existing followers and gain new followers on your Instagram account, it is important to post consistently.

When you do not post consistently, your audience is likely to interact with other people’s content, and it eventually decreases the engagement on your posts.

It is important to show up for your audience consistently so they show up for you.

If you are unable to schedule posts every day, then you can try using scheduling tools or an in-built Instagram feature to schedule posts for the future. This way, you do not miss out on the daily scheduling activity.

Change the Content As Per the Audience

If you have been producing the same kind of content for months or years, there is a high chance that your audience might get bored with your content. 

To retain your followers, it is important to know their changing preferences and produce content accordingly. This will help you stop the dropping of followers and also gain new followers in the long run.

Check if the Niche is in the Decline Phase

Sometimes, it is possible that you are posting content frequently and have not used any fake bots, yet the followers on your Instagram profiles are dropping. This can be due to the decline in the niche interest.

When a niche has lost its interest, no matter what efforts you put in, the audience is not going to engage with your content.

To know if the niche has lost its demand or not, check out the list of top influencers in your niche and see if they are still posting any new content or not. If not, then it is recommended to switch the niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Instagram Remove Followers?

Yes, Instagram removes fake followers and usernames or any other inactive profiles.

Instagram Followers Count Stuck?

Sometimes, you can see that the Instagram follower count is stuck. This is due to a glitch in the Instagram at that point in time. Try logging out and logging in after some time to fix this issue.


Gaining followers on Instagram is a challenging task. And if you lose these hard-earned followers, it is even more painful. Therefore, we recommend you follow the above-mentioned tips to make your Instagram content more interesting and grow your followers.

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